I build cost effective, small scale websites based on high quality WordPress and Squarespace templates – I do any custom CSS and HTML coding myself. In addition, I’m happy to give advice about how to pick a good template, integrate your site into an online marketing strategy, how to set up & keep track of your site’s analytics, or I can perform a full spectrum audit of an existing site to test things like speed, design, security, user experience, and mobile responsiveness.

Here’s some of the work I’ve been doing lately :

• Inhabit Real Estate (2017)
• Dragonfly Negotiations & Consulting (2017)
• ANC1D – DC Neighborhood Advisory Committee (2016)
[ and of course, I built the site you’re on right now too ]

Of course, sometimes you just need a bit more, so if you’re looking for more comprehensive site structure, or enterprise website solutions, you might want to get in touch with my friends at Savas Labs (tell’m Adam sent ya). They do amazing stuff with Drupal and are genuinely great folks!